About US
【CHIN HAO】is a high-tech enterprise specializing in two series of high-precision plastic mold bases and high-precision metal stamping mold bases, and has passed ISO9001 and ISO1400 certification. Has completed the whole set of mold bases for automotive interior parts, daily chemical packaging, medical electronics, baby products, and liquid silicone products.

The company has a standardized production workshop and a complete integrated office. Strategic advantages such as outstanding talents and global professional services. Adhering to the company philosophy of "integrity, efficiency, vision, and transcendence".

What We Do ?

Professional Medium-high-level Precision Mold Base Manufacturer

What We Have
3、Over 30 sets Machines, 16 sets CNC machines, KAFO, Taiwan
4、The max processing dimension is 2600 x 1600 x 900 MM
5、Professional QC checking tools and strict quality controlling
6、QC reports with sent mold bases and wooden-case packing
7、Professional management staff, worked at big industrials
8、Clean factory and office with professional technicians

Why Choose CHINHAO?

Professional Medium-high-level Precision Mold Base Manufacturer

Excellent Arocessing Ability
The stroke of our machining center is 2100*1500; the unilateral hole of our company can do: 0.005mm; the precision frame tolerance can be controlled within 0.01mm; the platform degree of our company within 1000mm can be controlled within 0.015mm; the parallelism is 0.005 mm to 0.01mm; verticality within 100mm thickness of 0.005mm to 0.001mm; coaxiality: 0.005mm to 0.01mm; motherboards and special boards can be processed as needed.
Strict Quality Control Process
The company has passed ISO9001 and ISO1400 certification, and has high-end testing equipment such as hardness tester, three-coordinate, internal micrometer, external micrometer, digital caliper, square ruler, etc.
Excellent service attitude
Each project is equipped with a project manager, and strictly follows the schedule to control the project cycle
Provide weekly progress reports and mold photos for each project to keep customers informed of the status
Provide online trial video to let customers know the operation of the mold

We Are Doing!

Professional Medium-high-level Precision Mold Base Manufacturer