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How to choose standard mold embryo?

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The mold embryo is the skeleton and the matrix of the injection mold, through which the various parts of the mold are organically integrated into a whole. The standard mold embryo is usually composed of fixed mold base plate, fixed template plate, dynamic mold plate, dynamic mold support plate, pad block, movable mold base plate, putter fixed plate, push plate, guide post, guide sleeve and reset rod. In addition there are special structure of the mold embryo, such as point gate mold embryo, with a push plate to launch the mold embryo and so on. Other parts of the mold can be supplemented as needed, such as precise positioning devices, support columns and so on.
The key to selecting the mold is to determine the perimeter size of the cavity template B × L (length × width) and thickness. To determine the perimeter of the template, determine the wall thickness between the cavity and the edge of the template. In the actual production often use look-up table or empirical formula to determine the wall thickness of the template. The thickness of the template is primarily determined by the depth of the cavity and the rigidity and strength of the bottom of the cavity are considered sufficient. If there is a support plate at the bottom of the cavity, the bottom of the cavity is not too thick. In addition, the template thickness to determine the need to take into account the whole mold embryo closed height, mold space and so on with the injection molding machine to adapt. The standard mold selection procedure is as follows:
① According to the structure required for plastic parts to determine the structure of the mold form.
② through the look-up table or the calculation to determine the cavity wall thickness.
③ calculate the cavity template perimeter size, according to the calculated data to the standard size "close", generally to a larger dressing, and in the dressing also need to take into account the location of the wall should have enough location to install other zero Parts, if the size is not enough, need to increase the wall thickness size.
④ According to the cavity depth, determine the thickness of the template, and in accordance with the standard size of the dressing.
⑤ According to determine the size of the template perimeter, with the required thickness of the template check the standard selection of mold embryo.
⑥ check the suitability of the selected mold, check the relationship between mold and injection molding machine, such as closing height, open mold space, if not appropriate, need to re-select.