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Intelligent mold in the modern scientific and technological

Author:admin Date:2017-05-27 Browse:176

Hardware mold market growth, all over the country have set up a mold industry park, China's mold industry development has been obvious by the road. In the high-end products to achieve the basic can not be done by the upgrade and leap, the scale of the economy from small to large rapid growth. Intelligent mold is also driven by modern technology forces came into being.
        Mold is the basic production of industrial equipment, known as the mother of industry. As the basic industry of the national economy, molds involved in machinery, automotive, light industry, electronics, chemicals, metallurgy, building materials and other industries, a wide range of applications. With the continuous development of information technology, intelligent concept began to gradually penetrate into all walks of life and all aspects of our lives. To intelligent mold as one of the products on behalf of the high-end equipment manufacturing and power production enterprises die, will effectively support China's high-end equipment manufacturing and other areas of rapid development. Compared with the traditional mold, intelligent mold with high technological content, high value-added products, long life, wide range of applications, the market space and other significant advantages.
        Although our current smart mold is not much, but it represents the new direction of the development of mold technology in the industry product structure adjustment and development mode change will play an increasingly important role. Intelligent mold development is good, will inevitably promote the entire level of the mold industry to play a strong role in promoting rapid progress, therefore, priority in the development of the industry to develop intelligent mold is particularly necessary.
        At present, China's mold industry development situation, the level of production of intelligent mold is still in the initial stage, but we can foresee that the future will develop into a perception, analysis, decision-making and implementation functions and a highly intelligent level of intelligent forming equipment. In the strategic emerging industries, large, sophisticated, efficient, high-performance mold will also continue to expand its use and function, improve its added value and reliability. In order to achieve the development of intelligent mold to drive efficient, sophisticated, high-performance mold to improve the overall level, the early realization of the world die power goals.