Company Profile
ZhongShan ChinHao Mold Hardware Co., Ltd. was founded on 19th August  2013, located in Dabu Chenggui Industrial Center, Sanxiang Town, Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province. The company will make new contributions to the mold industry from a high starting point, new platform, and new positioning. Since the opening of the business model, it has been trusted and supported by customers and friends from all walks of life. Mainly in the high-precision plastic mold base and high-precision metal stamping die casting two major high-tech enterprises, and has passed ISO9001 and ISO14001 quality management system certification. Has completed the car interior mold frame, medical electronics, baby products, liquid silicone mold frame production.
The company's management staff has been engaged in the formwork industry for nearly two decades and has worked as the department managers at a number of large and medium-sized formwork companies. The company's backbone strength is a professional team working side by side for more than a year. Has a wealth of work technology accumulation.
The company has a standardized production workshop and a fully integrated office. Outstanding talents and strategic advantages such as globalized professional services; adhering to the company philosophy of “integrity, efficiency, vision, and transcendence”; will work with customers to provide customers with better and more professional supporting services.
We are exploring the oversea market, we received many orders from Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, India, America and Europe. We are trying to offer our products and service to the customers all over the world.
Sets mold frame to win the majority of customers with good quality support and trust, welcome customers to guide the work at any time!